The Beauty of White Terrazzo Tiles on the Floor

The Beauty of White Terrazzo Tiles on the Floor

The beauty of a white terrazzo floor is such a great joy to behold, especially when it aligns with the expected culture of a place like a hospital. In addition, white is such a popular colour to use on the Floor of a terrazzo design. There are many other reasons why people may employ the white colour for what it represents. For instance, white represents peace, purity, simplicity, plainness or calmness. At times, you may even think of the colour white in terms of cleanliness. 

On the contrary, a whitely coloured terrazzo tiles floor may look transient, but it is timeless in practical terms. Over the years, a white coloured terrazzo floor has not lost its relevance and beauty or style. Also, it can become create a background for the colour patterns or other darker elements that will be spread on it. This combination may also create a contrast of the design elements. Therefore, this article will explore some of the stunning features of white terrazzo tiles on the Floor.

Recent Trends of White Terrazzo Floor Tiles Design

Many designers prefer to choose a white background or template to start creating the white terrazzo sample tiles. Perhaps it brings out a peculiarity of each colour and a reference point that is quite common in artistic designs. At the same time, it comes with a style that designers like to explore crushed marbles, glass, quartz and other stones into chips of designs. In this recent days, there is now some great combination of white terrazzo with off-white marble chips. Also, we bring all that is worth considering is creating a floor with terrazzo tiles.

Several terrazzo companies have ventured into creating astonishing designs of white terrazzo tiles. For instance, you can find pure white, snow white, northern white, and Georgia white designs. In addition to the conventional white colour, the white chips may also vary in colour with the background. One of the standard chips is the Georgia White which has dominated the terrazzo industry for a couple of years. 

Contractors have employed this particular choice for these years and are applicable to different projects. Therefore, if you seek a floor design with pure white terrazzo tiles, you can choose several options by visiting Another way to create white terrazzo tiles is by using glass aggregates of particles that can easily blend together. For instance, you can combine mirrors, plates, and clear glass in a nicely fitted array of beauty. 

How to Measure terrazzo Tiles for a Wall

It is one thing to choose the colour of tiles to use. It is quite another to decide the accurate measurement that fits into the area. For instance, designers and terrazzo tiles installers have often had problems with the standard sizes, especially if they try this as a DIY project. It becomes effortless when you try to follow the simple steps that are itemized below. However, you may need some pencil, paper, measuring tape and perhaps a calculator.

Steps to follow

  1. Draw the walls on a piece of paper while taking each square section on separate documents. Although, you may not draw it to scale precisely. 
  2. Measure the width carefully in millimetres and then divide it by the width of the chosen tile. This process will give you a quick rough idea of the number of terrazzo tiles that the width of the area can take. 
  3. The next step is to determine the height of the terrazzo tiles, which can range from a foot to the very pinnacle of the ceiling. Also, while taking the measurement of this dimension in millimetres, divide it by the height of the wall tiles available to you. The answer gives you a rough idea of how many terrazzo tiles the highest area can take. 
  4. Now, multiple the number of tiles high you have with the number of tiles in the width
  5. Your calculation has been for one side of the wall. Now repeat the steps above for each wall you drew on your sheet at first
  6. Sum up the total number of tiles that you have all together and add an extra 10%. The different will take care of any breakage, cuts, or even spare terrazzo tiles.
  7. Finally, if you have reference material as a DIY guide, now is the time to refer back to it.

How to determine the actual quantities of Terrazzo Tiles for the Floor 

Just the same way you measured for the walls, you can apply the same principle for the Floor. This time, you measure the length and width of the Floor and estimate the number of tiles you need in millimetres concerning each tile dimension. The best method that we recommend you use for measurements is measuring yourself rather than general standards. At times, the surfaces of the Floor or the walls may vary and can cause issues.

Meanwhile, the measurements on your plan may not even be in millimetres, and you will still have to convert them anyway. Any issue you encounter while determining the quantities of terrazzo tiles you need on the Floor can require some consultancy to figure out. Or, as earlier suggested, you may refer to your DIY guide. In the absence of any of that, you can seek out help from a professional who you may have needed in the first place. 

Do you agree Terrazzo Tiles are trending?

The array of white terrazzo tiles can produce fascinating scatter-shot patterns of the stone chips in their immense beauty. Once more, they may contain granite, quartz, marble, glass and stone chips or some of the unconventional items. More so, the concrete is polished for better sparkles and to make the surface much smoother. Decades of growth in this technology in building, architectural and artistic design is what endears people to its use in the home and public places. In other words, the terrazzo tiles are not only valid for domestic or residential designs, but they can also appear stunning in commercial areas too.